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Entrepreneurial Action


There are many methods, but most important is to have a bias towards action, a commitment to getting things done.

The journey is messy.

For aspiring founders, the path ahead can be ambiguous and unclear. It may be difficult for entrepreneurs to get started because they don't know where to begin. The four methods promoted by the Founder's Challenge help you identify a starting position with your venture and to begin taking action. Each method asks different questions that prompt you to begin seeking or developing venture opportunities.

Cut Twice, Measure Later


When you are starting out, things are not only Uncertain, they are Unknowable

If you know you want to start a venture or company, but don't know what you'd like to do, effectuation is the action method for you. Leverages resources in your control can give you give you benefits for when the future is completely unpredictable.

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Design Thinking creates Understanding


that inspired it


Your Idea

Test & Measure with

Lean Startup

You have to beyond an idea to test and measure. You have to more clarity about the key activities of your business, key assumptions, and hopefully a prototype. When you've gotten through the dense fog, Lean Startup is a great way to see the various paths.


Measure Again
with Strategy & Planning

Taking action is costly. As you grow and mature, examining your options and considering your strategy becomes increasingly critical to your success.


Business plans are outdated for startups. So when you are ready to stop being a startup and transition toward a mature company--planing starts to become essential. Using Discovery Driven Planning adds some flexibility and optionality to the futures you may pursue. 

Choose an action method to learn more.

Choose an action method to learn more.

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