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About Prof. Bhatia

I’m passionate about entrepreneurship and its intersection with where people can discover their personal career journey. I’ve studied entrepreneurship programs in some of the most selective business schools like Wharton, UVA Darden, and Toronto Rotman. In that study, my colleague and I found that academic programs were beginning to break free from a narrowly defined approach to entrepreneurship. Our research showed that even in the classroom students could learn mold-breaking entrepreneurial methods, that tapped into more of our minds than simply scientific management.

Prof. Ashish Bhatia

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Our research makes the case for opening up a full spectrum of approaches to entrepreneurial engagement that can employ practices that leverage your intuition, pragmatism, and humanism.


As myself and others around the world teach with this full spectrum of tools, we are however realizing that one ingredient remains missing.

That’s for students to take their own initiative in their learning process.


This can be done in courses where students can have experiential projects...

But it can also happen just as easily outside of the classroom.


So in 2022, I launched the Founder Challenge as a way for students to work in a community with the full spectrum of entrepreneurial methods to take action, shift their mindset, and create purpose. I hope you join in on the challenge!

Team Members 

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Evan Crosby

Evan is a senior majoring in marketing and entrepreneurship. He has an interest in music, film, entertainment, and how technology can improve our relationships with media. He has worked for a music streaming startup and is currently working on his own startup, UserFriendly.

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Jerry Chen

Jerry has had a diverse mix of entrepreneurial experiences - from running a boutique marketing agency in Vancouver to freelancing during the pandemic. Since March 2022, he’s worked on his third venture: Latte, an app where professionals swipe to network. 

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