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Only through action do we make meaning and find... 

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Most people are drawn to entrepreneurship for its ability to transform business and society. It's this transformational power that initially gets us started. 

But what you'll find is that through action we learn about the world and most importantly we learn about ourselves. We learn what we like, who we like, what actions, and lifestyles bring us joy and flow. 

Take Action, Find Create Purpose

Take Inventory & Effectuate 

One way to align more of who you are with your entrepreneurial endeavor is to start with your bird-in-hand. By taking inventory of your interests, passions, past experiences, and patterns you can begin to see the type of ways you can have more of an impact in business and society by leveraging your bird-in-hand resources. Learn more here.

Money or Meaning?

Many believe that entrepreneurs are primarily motivated by money. I think a Hollywood movie captures that idea of society well in the The Social Network. Sean Parker, played by Justin Timberlake tells Mark Zuckerberg played by Jessie Eisenberg , "A million dollars isn't know what's cool: 

a billion dollars." 

Aside from media portrayals of entrepreneurial wealth, academics have also re-enforced this idea with one popular set of research encouraging students and entrepreneurs alike to consider whether they want to be "Rich or King" (I like to update this idea to Queen or Ace).  When growing your business this research is helpful as it most importantly, it asks you to consider why are you pursuing this venture? Is it the money? Does your venture have a greater meaning? Based on your answer, its helpful to know that often entrepreneurs much choose between controlling their business (Being Ace) and selling equity to more sophisticated operator (becoming rich). 

Money aside, we know that entrepreneurs are actually more motivated by various entrepreneurial passions, which you can read more about here.


Want to Explore More?

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These books have helped me and others explore meaning and purpose. They might be interesting to you too!

Are you ready to become a founder?

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