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Summer Internships!


Apply Below!


Founder Challenge Gets Your Ready for Summer


Hi Entrepreneurs!


I know midterm season is upon us. So you don't need more stress in your life. But, you have less than 10 weeks away until the semester is over and you'll be actively scrambling to have some meaningful experience for the summer.


What if I said you could spend just a few hours a week over the next 10 weeks building out your dream internship. An adventure that allows you to engage your curiosity, innovative thinking, and possibly live the lifestyle that is calling to you in a whisper.



Become a Founder. In 10 weeks. Be modest

Where do I start?

But how can you do that in 10 weeks? Sequoia capital has made the case that startups only need 10 slides in their pitch deck. Start there. Commit to getting clarity on a problem and a solution and why this problem matters now. Co-create and find ways to leverage your bird-in-hand to imagine all sorts of potential solutions.

Start with Action!

Come to the Founder Challenge meetings. 

We have one tomorrow in KMC 2-70 at 12:30pm. We'll have food, inspiration, and constructive feedback for all.


Complete this form ( to be considered for our Spring 2023 Cohort spotlight (see fall cohort). This is an opportunity to show your work and utilize your post on LinkedIn or with employers as a way of illustrating your curiosity, self-motivation, and passion (I will also share your work with my own network of hundreds of people working in the startup and innovation ecosystem). You don't have to come to the meetings to be included, but you do need to join our slack and share updates.

Are you ready to become a founder?

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