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Are you ready to become a founder?

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The Founder Challenge has helped keep me engaged with the entrepreneurial process by encouraging me to share my weekly progress...and not be afraid to work on something even if it might not work out.

-Gracie, FC'22

There are plenty of competitions and launch programs for you to submit your idea to...

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This is not one of them

What is the Founder Challenge?

The Founder Challenge is a resource & community for student entrepreneurs

How do you get started?

Become a Founder

Start something now. Find a problem you are interested in and leverage action methods to address it. Alternatively, start with an existing resource or tinker your way toward building something the world might need.

In 3 Months

Take action in a rapid way that sustains your motivation and allows you to move your ideas forward.

Be Modest

‍Share your work and embrace the founder identity. But at the same time, acknowledge that your pursuit is about curiosity, learning, & growing. No one likes the founder that brags about how they venture is about change the world without any evidence.

Dream big and balance ego against traction.


Action Methods

At the Founder Challenge we focus on five of the most powerful action methods
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Are you ready to become a founder?

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