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As your venture matures and the number of unknowns declines, planning becomes a more relevant method


What does planning look like for entrepreneurs?

As your company begins to show traction with customers and growth, it's important to begin thinking about where your company is headed. At this point you've probably stretched many of your own personal resources pretty thin. You probably can't have your friend continue to do your social media and your parents can't help pack any more boxes for fulfillment. It means it's times to invest in more fixed expenses and services which will make space for growth. But how do you decide what to outsource and what to invest in?

Discovery Driven Planning

Plans always fail. This is even more true for entrepreneurs. That doesn't mean plans are useful, particularly ones that include some optionality. One powerful tool is Discovery Driven Planning. 

With Discovery Driven Planning, the emphasis is on working backwards to learn what key assumptions are driving your ability to make your business what it needs to be.

Read more about this method at HBR or learn more through Wharton's Coursea on the topic.


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